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  • Different types of Campaigns.
  • Importance of Each Campaign.
  • Creating Search Network Campaign.
  • Account Limits in Adwords.
  • Location and Language Settings.
  • Networks and Devices.
  • Bidding and Budget.
  • Schedule: Start date, end date, ad scheduling.
  • Ad delivery: Ad rotation.
  • Purpose of Ad Groups.
  • Keyword Types (Broad, Phrase, Exact and Negative).
  • Adwords Keyword Tool.
  • Text Ad Format.
  • Quality Score and Its Importance.
  • AD Rank.
  • Understanding the Ad Group and Keywords Dash Board.
  • Search Terms.
  • Segments, Filters,Reports.
  • Alerts Setting.
  • Access levels (Standard , Read only, Email, Admin).
  • AdWords Interface Tour.
  • Adwords Dash Board.
  • Billing in AdWords.
  • Device Bidding (Mobile, Desktop,Tablet).
  • Negative keywords identification.
  • Tools and techniques to find negative keywords.
  • Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Cost, AVG CPC, MAX CPC.
  • Ad Extensions.
  • Sitelinks Extensions.
  • Call Extensions.
  • Call out Extensions.
  • Message Extensions.
  • Structured Snippet Extensions.
  • Price Extensions.
  • Location Extensions.
  • App Extensions.
  • Setting a Display Network Campaign.
  • Concept of VCPM and Branding.
  • Automatic Placements.
  • Manual Placements.
  • CPC Bidding and VCPM Bidding.
  • Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping.
  • Topic Targeting.
  • Keyword targeting.
  • Placement targeting.
  • Purpose of Conversions.
  • Creating Conversion Tracking Code.
  • Tracking the Conversions.
  • Purpose of Conversions.
  • Clicks, Impressions, Viewable impressions,CTR,Cost,Conversion rate , Cost/conversion, All conversions, View through conversions.
  • Remarketing List creation and ads.
  • Creating Gmail ads.
  • Uploading customer email ids , selecting targeted customer lists ,creating different formats of Gmail ads.
  • Impressions, Clicks, Gmail forwards, saves ,CTR,Cost, AVG CPC
  • Creating Video Campaign.
  • Instream ads.
  • Bumper ads.
  • Video Discovery ads.
  • Views,CPV,Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg CPC , Cost,Interaction rate.
  • Keyword Targeting.
  • Topic Targeting.
  • Placements Targeting.
  • Remarketing in youtube ads
  • Creating App campaign.
  • Importance of Mobile app installs.
  • Different ad formats like Text , image , Video ads in app install campaigns.
  • Tracking Reports
  • Introduction to Google shopping Campaigns 
  • Google merchant center  
  • Linking Google Merchant center with Google ads
  • Create product feeds 
  • Explanation on Product feed types :
  • Google sheets 
  • Scheduled fetch
  • Content API 
  • Upload file 
  • Merchant center business setup : 
  • Business Information
  • Claiming website url 
  • Branding and logo 
  • Creating product feed using Google sheets 
  • Product information and importance of columns like ID , Product name , condition , stock availability, price ,
  • GTIN, MPN,Image url , Product url, Product category
  • Selecting product category from official google Taxonomy Sheet 
  • Prodcut feed fetching and diagnostics 
  • Creating Google shopping Campaign, Adgroup , Ad 
  • Analysing and optimizing the campaign perfomance 
  • Reports analysis
  • Google Discovery Campaigns 
  • Importance of discovery campaigns 
  • Campaign setup 
  • Adgroups 
  • Ads 
  • Reports analysis

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PPC training in bangalore Bangalore

Formerly known as Google AdWords Express and Google AdWords, Google Ads offer online advertising solutions to business for the promotion of their products and services on YouTube, Google Search, and other websites over the web. By means of Google Ads, one can easily choose how, where, when, and who the ads will be targeted. Whether you want to multiply your website visits, or you just want to generate leads, you can get everything cost-effectively. With a personalized option available, one can easily customize the target audience, budget, and during of the ads that appear on that particular channel. PPC or pay per click another popular yet effective method of Google ads where you as a marketer only need to pay when the visitors click on that particular ads. This helps you achieve your organizational goals faster while savings exponentially on your budget. We offer the PPC training in Bhubaneswar and we have been training a lot of students on how to understand PPC and details regarding it.

Basically, there are eight types of PPC Ads that prove to be the most effective.

Search Ads: These are very common types of ads that appear on the top and bottom of the organic search results. To be more specific, these ads are tagged with the words “Ad.” These ads only comprise text content, but no visual. Long-tail keywords are the best suit for this genre of the ad.

Display ads: Another type of PPC ad that appears not directly on Google search results but on the partner website of Google. These ads have a perfect combination of text and images. To target a specific type of audience, these ads can be used by marketers.

Social Ads: Generally appears on social media platforms, social ads are a very popular type of paid ads that can help target social media users. Here are the social media platforms that can be chosen for these ads.

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Most of the companies use these social media ads as this campaign can be run based on

  • Behaviors
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Education

Remarketing Ads: In order to reengage the existing clients, remarketing ads are used. Sometimes, many people will visit your website, but a few will be converted. This is really disheartening for marketers. And that is when you need to think of retargeting your audience through these special types of PPC campaigns. As ,we offer the best PPC courses in Bhubaneswar , we have experienced trainers who will teach you everything with ppc and get an indepth knowledge about it.

Google Shopping: Appeared in a carousel form this is a kind of paid advertising that any business can use to help the audience find relevant products. Through these ads, one can see the price of the products and their pictures before clicking on the particular website for real. You are able to run this campaign more precisely based on

  • Campaign name
  • Bid amount
  • Inventory filter
  • Devices (mobile, computer)
  • Country of sale
  • Daily budget
  • Location

Instream ads: Before starting a YouTube video or in the middle of the Video this type of ads appears. Some are non-skippable while others are full-screen or appear as small sidebar ads this is one of the highly popular PPC campaigns that many use. Considering the number of YouTube users, this has become one of the highly effective paid ads so far.

Local Service ads: If you have a business that falls under the following category, then you can run this paid campaign and reap the benefits of this unique PPC campaign.

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • HVAC companies
  • Garage door companies
  • Locksmiths

Gmail sponsored promotions: Appeared at the top of audiences’ mailbox, this is a kind of paid campaign that helps generate leads right in the inbox. Looks just like another email; an “ad” tag is attached to every email. As we are the leading PPC institute in Bhubaneswar we will help you understand all the ins and outs about this topic and help you to get an overall knowledge about it.

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